Logo Golf Tee Matchbook Packets

Logo Golf Tee Matchbook Packets

Logo Golf Tee Matchbook Packets are great for any corporate promotion or golf outing/event. Ships in 10 business days. Customize your golf tee packets today! 

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General Information:  Golf Tee Matchbook Packets: 4 Tees, 1 Marker Packe..
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General Information: Golf Tee Packets: 4 2 3/4" Tees, 1 Ball Marker Tees and Mark..
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General Information: Golf Tee Matchbook Packets: 4 Tees, 2 Markers, 1 Fixer Packe..
General Information: Golf Tee Packets: 4 2 3/4" Tees, 2 Ball Markers, 1 Fixer ..
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General Information: Golf Tee Merion Pillow Pack: 15 Blank 2 3/4" Tees, 1 Luxury Di..

Golf Tee Matchbook Packets: Add Your Logo

Here at CMGE, we have a variety of options for those who seek to stand out on the course with their own personalized accessories. Of course, our custom golf items serve more than personal use. You can give them as gifts, use them for business promotions, or order custom tees for a team event. No matter the occasion, our golf tee matchbook packets are a great choice, and they fit right in your pocket for easy access when out on the course. More importantly, however, you can customize both your matchbook and tees with your own logo.

When getting personalized golf tee matchbook packets from CMGE, you’ll not only have the choice to include text, but you can also choose the color and material of your tees, add a marker and fixer—both of which have the option to add your logo/text (depending on your selection). Of course, you’ll be buying these in bulk, so you can give them out at events, as party favors, or keep them for later personal use.

When it comes to adding your logo to your custom golf tee packets, you can use our design tool onsite to add your logo to the tees, markers, and fixer. You’ll also be able to choose the color for each item! Once you’ve decided on a look, we’ll send you virtual proof of your items so you can be sure they meet your expectations. Hit order and we’ll print and ship your golf tee packet in a matter of days.