Custom Golf Tubes

Custom Golf Tubes
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Custom Golf Ball Tubes: Personalized Tees & Logo Golf Balls

Here at Custom Made Golf Events, we offer a range of custom golf accessories so you can add a personal touch to your golf game. Of course, our personalized accessories don’t have to be for personal use. They serve as great party & wedding favors, gift ideas, and promotional items for business events. Within our selection, we offer a few options for custom golf tubes, which include 9 tees and your choice of 1 or 2 golf balls—both of which can be customized with your own logo.

Whichever option you choose, you can select the color of the tees you’d like, while the golf balls can be upgraded from the standard Wilson to pro-grade balls (Titleist, Pinnacle, & more). The tees can feature your logo or text in a single color (upgrade for 2 colors), while you can add a full-color logo to the golf balls. Then comes the design process.

Designing your custom golf tubes is quite easy with CMGE. Simply choose your tube option (1 or 2 custom golf balls), select the color of your tee and any upgrade options, then upload your desired text and/or logo. We’ll then add the logo to your items and send you virtual proof to ensure they meet your expectations. Once approved, we’ll get your custom golf accessories printed and shipped. In the end, you’ll have a unique gift, whether you’re keeping it for yourself or giving it to a friend.