Personalized Golf Tees

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There is nothing like taking a golf event to the next level with personalized golf tees. Whether it be for a golf gift to a friend or you upgade to our custom logo golf tees with a logo for a brand for a corporate outing or giveaway, Custom Made Golf Events is commited to putting together the perfect customized items. Our golf tees all come in 2 3/4" and 3 1/4" strong birch wood with the opportunity to upgrade to a plastic tee in our custom golf tee option. We offer our tees in various packages and options, below are our top selling golf items. 




1) Personalized Golf Tees - Gift Sets | Starting at $9.95, these are a great golf gift. 50 or 100 golf tees with a name or message on them. This is a great inexpensive gift for any golfer and ships out in just 2 business days. Click here to view our personalized golf tees 


2) Personalized Golf Tee / Golf Ball Gift Sets | Starting at $49.95, this is a nice level up from the personalized gift sets. These sets include custom golf tees, poker chip golf ball markers and custom golf balls. View our full collection HERE



3) Custom Golf Tees - These are perfect for a golf outing, company event or any type of tournament. You can customize your tees with a one or two color logo or up to three lines of text. Click HERE to view the full collection



4) Logo Golf Tees - Order between 500 and 10,000+, this is great for bulk golf tees for large outings or events. 


5) Polybag Golf Tee Combinations - Looking for the perfect giveaway? We offer a full line with golf tees, ball markers, fixers, or poker chip ball markers in a nice polybag as a perfect giveaway to each golfer. 


6) Golf Tee Matchbook packets - A level above the polypacks, these are beautiful packets with a full color logo with golf tees and other items you choose inside. View our full collection here 


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